What is Artsy Woods? When I was a little girl my mother used to refer to me as her artsy fartsy child. I’m now pushing 30 and she still refers to me this way. She will call me and say, “Oh I saw the prettiest rug, (painting, table, vase, top) it was real artsy fartsy just like you.” I suppose anything bohemian qualifies as artsy fartsy in her mind. Since I have an artistic predisposition this nickname stuck. One overcast day I was sitting at our kitchen table looking out the window into our backyard and I realized that we live in the woods. Not like deep in the forest. But somehow in the middle of our far from suburban small town we managed to choose the house with an idyllic wooded glen right outside the back gate. Our neighborhood is what I would consider normal, houses 15 to 20 feet apart, streets all in a row. But hidden in the middle of all of that is a green meadow full of trees. And so Artsy Woods was created – inspired by past and present.

Why pants-less? Pants are the most inconvenient piece of clothing ever invented. Why do we torture ourselves everyday by encasing our legs and waists in these awful suffocating traps? Everyone hates pants. It’s the truth, we as a society should collectively admit defeat and move forward. Why not elastic waist band pants? Why is this only acceptable for pregnant ladies and over 50 ladies? I say screw that! I get real creative with leggings and skirts before I give in to the pants monster.

View from my kitchen window on a foggy day.